snow1A Drink and A Year Off
Follow the adventures of Famed Photographer Janet Engelhard, and her husband, wine writer Stephen Reiss as they circumnavigate the world in exactly 365 days. Marvel along with them as they enjoy, and critique the cultures, wines and foods they discover. With over 2000 photos this book could only be For the iPad Only.

item1Recipe for the Perfect Day
After more than 30 years together, and still best friends, Stephen Reiss and Janet Engelhard share their secrets. Part cookbook and part self help guide, their book will share with you the Recipe to plan a day that will add new life to anyone’s relationship. Videos, mini apps and more, take this book beyond the ordinary into the realm where distinctions between applications and the dusty old volumes of centuries past blur.

B&C Publishing

It has long been our mission to explore different ways of teaching and training through publishing. We were pioneers in CD-Rom based interactive training manuals, and when DVD allowed us to fit much more content on a disk, we stepped up our game.

We were early comers to the Internet as well. As a second generation computer professional, Dr. Reiss had been utilizing the Internet long before it became public. Using BBS and forums on Compuserve, Genie and NovaLink, the stage was set for the introduction of the World Wide Web.

The advent of Publish on Demand (PoD) technology combined with direct to consumer book distributors like Amazon, allowed us to expand our reach of traditional paper based books. No longer was it necessary to tie up inordinate amounts of capital in preprinting thousands of copies of every title.

Eventually, mobile devices, and especially the introduction of the iPad would set us on our current course. While we still offer several titles in print, our focus has been taking advantage of the most important advance in publishing since Gutenberg.

CD-Roms and DVDs allowed us to create colorful photo rich content, but the format left a lot to be desired, and few people were willing to read on their computers. Now, with the popularity of the iPad (other tablets are still not able to view interactive books) we have been working with Apple to redefine the very meaning of a book.

With HTML5 snippets, mini applications, video and of course the potential to display thousands of photos, or current titles bear little resemblance to the paper bound books of yore.