• CIS Reply - Compuserve Offline Messaging Application - 1985
  • Robie: Retail Open to Buy Ledger - 1987
  • Tip Pool - Restaurant Tip Report and Payroll Program - 1990
  • CD Printer Pro - 1996
  • SimVin Winery Simulation Game - 1999 - Web Based Game, still active, coming soon to iPad
  • Label Printer Pro - 2001 - Still in production
  • hiScore for iPhone - 2008 Stil in Production
  • Form Printer Pro - 2009 - Still in production

Pay&Play Software & MacTech Aspen

As a second generation computer professional, Stephen grew up with what would become the Internet (Arpanet) in his house. This early familiarity with computers put him decades ahead of most people. In the late 70s he was setting up data bases on his PET computer, but it wasn’t long before he discovered Apple, and a life long love affair had its start.

In the early 80s Dr. Reiss began selling software online. Presaging the app stores by decades, he recognized the advantages of doing away with physical media and packaging, from the start.

Once the Macintosh entered his life, Stephen began assisting others with getting the most out of their machines. Helping people over come their fear, of computers or wine, became his overriding mission.

Thirty years later he still designs and sells apps and games, and is working hard on his latest venture.